3% Realty is Actively Recruiting REALTORS®!


The most challenging part of any REALTORS® job is lead generation. At 3% Realty, we’re a volume based business and our attractive commission rate of 3% automatically generates leads. In a highly competitive industry, our REALTORS® can easily differentiate themselves from other REALTORS® purely based on their working commission rate. We offer our REALTOR®S an opportunity to get listings and gain more experience at a much faster pace. Now who wouldn’t want to easily generate their own leads?!

3% Realty will:

  • Help differentiate you from other REALTORS®
  • Build your confidence with superior training and ongoing mentoring support
  • Provide an opportunity to close more deals and learn faster, with ‘on-the-job training
  • Help you invest your energy in the people side of your business.
  • Increase your efficiency with our paperless operations

It won’t take you long to notice that we are all about pushing the envelope when it comes to our marketing, branding and online presence. We have made our real estate offering simple, fresh and fun! From our award-winning marketing videos, to our colourful FOR SALE signs, everything we make is created to help you stand out! The 3% Realty listing website is a market leader in the application of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology, making it the fastest way to search and view listings on a mobile device.

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